Apple MacBook Air

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Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Hello friends, today our team has brought the largest company in the world and the company that everyone wants to buy its products. Very few people don’t know about this company. The name of this company is Apple. There is so little information about this company and everyone knows this company today. We have come up with the latest laptop of the same arc, which is the MacBook Air laptop is a dream of many people because what is in this laptop is rarely seen in other companies.

  Our team has done a lot of studies and learned about this laptop. We are sharing it with you today. May your support be with us so that our team will continue to bring you information about the best laptop computers and other products. The MacBook Air laptop that comes to mind at the moment of looking at this laptop because of its design and performance of this laptop, then let’s learn more about this laptop in more depth.

Apple MacBook Air

Specification :-

The Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 has a 13-inch display with Retina Display and 2556 * 1600 Pixel screen resolution with 400Nits brightness Wide Color p3 True Tone technology. On the laptop, you get Apple’s M1 chip which comes with an 8Core CPU and 4 Efficiency Core. On the laptop you get 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD and in it you get Apple Mac OS 10.14 Mojave operating system. The battery backup of the laptop is 18 hours and the weight of this laptop is 1.29KG. 

Price on Amazon:-    

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.1GHz Dual-core 10th-Generation Intel Core i3 Processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) – Space Grey price is Rs.83,990.

Apple MacBook Air

Let’s learn more about this laptop and its advantages and disadvantages

Advantages :-

  • Processor :- The laptop comes with an Apple M1 chip and an 8Core CPU that makes you work 3.5 times faster, whether it’s heavy work or games, and gives you a better experience than other laptops.
  • RAM :- In this laptop, you get 8 GB of memory, in this amount of memory you’re heavy work will be done very easily and you will get a different work experience very best and from the point of view of gaming, this laptop will work.
  • Storage :-  In a laptop, you get 256 GB SSD, your memory is enough to store your data, video images, and files. An SSD helps you work faster than a normal hard disk

  • Weight :- This laptop weighs 1.29KG, has a width of 11.97 inches, a depth of 8.36 inches and a height of 0.16-0.63 inches.
  • Camera :- Its camera is a 720p facetime HD camera so that you get a different experience of video calls and photos.
  • Audio :- In it, you get 6 speakers so you get a laptop capable of wide stereo sound and Dolby playback. On the laptop, you get 3 mic arrays and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • Keyboard :- In the laptop, you get a backlight magic keyboard and touch ID sensor, and ambient light sensor and you have accurate cursor control and pressure-sensing capability that enables sensitive drawing multitouch gestures.
Apple MacBook Air

  • USB :- In this laptop, you get TWO Thunderbolt 4 USB ports.
  • Security :- On the laptop, you are given advanced security which is a Touch ID sensor.
  • Siri :- On this laptop, you get Siri, through which you can send messages, reminders, and much more, you can activate hands-free just by saying hey Siri in your voice.
  • Battery :- The laptop battery can run on the wireless web for up to 18 hours, as well as Apple TV and Apple movie playback for up to 18 hours. The laptop battery is a Lithium-Polymer battery with a 30W USB Type-C power adapter.

Here are the advantages of the Apple MacBook Air laptop, then let’s see if there are any disadvantages in this laptop and whether it is appropriate to buy this laptop

Disadvantages :-

  • USB :- You can’t get a USB type c port in a laptop
  • Hardware :- In laptops, you can upgrade hardware up to a limit
  • Touch Screen:- You don’t get a Touch screen on a laptop.

So here are some of the disadvantages of this laptop, then the final result is that you can take this laptop because this laptop is called the display or the battery backup of this laptop along with the M1 chip in the laptop and the very powerful performance of this laptop and the security of this laptop. This is the best so our team is telling you that you can get this laptop.