Dell Commercial All in one OptiPlex 3280 21.5-inch

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Dell Commercial All in one 10th Gen Processor ~ OptiPlex


The Dell Commercial All-in-One 21.5-inch Pc comes with a 21.5-inch FHD display and the All-in-One comes with an Intel i3 Processor and its 10th generation. In it you also get Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics. You get 4GB of RAM in this All-in-One for your heavy work, Advance multitasking, and 1TB Hard Disk for your work. To make it faster, the All-in-One comes with Windows 10 Pro operating system. The weight of the All-in-One Pc is 5Kg. Let’s find out more about this All-in-One pc, then let’s learn more about this All-in-one pc in-depth and let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of this All-in-One as well as its price and whether it is appropriate to buy this All-in-One Pc.

Price In India:-  

    Dell Commercial All-in-One 21.5-inch Pc is priced at Rs 61,999.00 in India.

Dell Commercial All in one OptiPlex 3280  21.5-inch


  • Processor:- In this All-in-one you get Intel Core i3 and its 10thgeneration Processor  which makes your heavy work or multitasking works very fast and well.
  • RAM:- In it you get 4GB DDR4 SDRAM which speeds up your work and helps you to do your work and multitasking very fast.
  • 1 TB HDD:- This all-in-one PC comes with a 1TB hard disk that helps you store your data, images, videos, and files.
  • 64 Bit:- The All-in-One has a 64-bit operating system so that your work will be faster and your work experience will be different.
  • Display:- You get a 21.5-inch display in this all-in-one and it has a diagonal FHD display Intel UHD Graphics 630 (1920 x 1080) and it is good for your work and home use. Responds in a way.
  • Resolution:-  All-in-One gives you a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 (FHD) pixels so that you can see the video images text more clearly.
  • Screen Sharpness:- In the laptop, you get 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution. You see your text files images and videos are sharp and clear.
  • Graphics:-  In it, you get Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics which shows your images videos txt files very well and clearly.
Dell Commercial All in one 10th Gen Processor ~ OptiPlex

  • USB:- In this you get 4 USB ports of 2 USB type A and 2 USB type C ports.
  • WebCam:- In the All-in-One you get a webcam so you can do video chat, skype chat, and zoom meetings, and much more.
  • Card Reader:- All-in-One have card readers so you can read memory cards directly and transfer files. In addition, the All-in-One has an HDMI output and a headphone jack.
  • Weight:- The weight of the laptop is only 5Kg.
  • Warranty:- Dell is giving you a 5-year warranty on this all-in-one, which is a big deal, and the way these kids look at it changes a little bit.

Here are the advantages of HP Dell Commercial All-in-One 21.5-inch Pc, then let’s see if there are any disadvantages in this All-in-One and whether it is appropriate to buy this AOI.


  • The weight of All in One is 5Kg so you can’t move it and since it is all in one, if any part goes bad along with the problem of heat, you can’t do anything in it yourself, you have to call a Hardware Expert. You can’t enjoy a CD because you don’t have a CD player on it.

So this is the Dell Commercial All-in-One 21.5-inch Pc. It gives you a lot for office use and home use and the disadvantages are very low. DELL also gives you a 5Years warranty. -In-one take is no problem and also easy to use.