Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch Laptop

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Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch


The Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop is powered by an Intel i3 processor and is in its 10th generation, along with Windows 10 Home operating system and Microsoft Office 2019. The special feature of the laptop is that the laptop also comes with a 1TB hard disk and 256GB SSD. The display of the laptop is 14 inches FHD and it has Intel HD graphics. Laptop has 4GB RAM and you can expand it up to 16GB. The battery backup of a laptop is 11 hours and the weight of the laptop is 1.700Kg. Let’s learn more about the Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop, its advantages and disadvantages and the price of this laptop.

Price In India:-

The Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop is priced at Rs 42,990.00 in India.

Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch


  • Processor :- Friends, you get Intel i3 processor in this laptop and you get it in 10th generation laptop, so your work is done in a very simple way and those who want to buy a laptop for the first time should take a look at this laptop.
  • RAM :- The Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop comes with 4GB of RAM which makes your heavy work and gaming experience great.
  • 1TB HDD :- The Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop comes with a 1TB hard disk that can hold images, videos, txt files and some of your other data. This hard disk is enough to store data.
  • SSD :- The laptop comes with a 1TB hard disk as well as a 256GB SSD that works twice as fast as a normal hard disk.
  • 64 Bit :- The laptop has a 64 bit operating system so that your work will be faster and your work experience will be different.
  • Display :- The display of the laptop is 14 inches and it is FHD with a revolution of 1920 x 1080 and the laptop has an anti glare screen display.
  • Graphics :- The laptop comes with Intel HD graphics which will give you a great and unique experience of playing txt video images and games.
  • High Resolution :- Laptops give you a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels so that you can see the video images text more clearly.
  • Anti glare Screen :- The laptop has an anti-glare screen display so that you can watch your txt files, images, videos and games without disturbing the eye.
  • USB 3.0 :- Laptops have 2 USB 3.0 ports that transfer your data 10 times faster than 2.0.
Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch

  • USB 2.0 :- The laptop has 1 port of USB 2.0 which helps you to transfer your data and also to connect external devices.
  • Battery :- The Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop has a 3Cell battery and a backup of 11 hours.
  • Weight :- The weight of the laptop is 1.700Kg
  • Card Reader :- In it you get a card reader which reads and writes your memory directly.
  • The laptop also has an HDMI port and a combo audio micro jack, along with an RJ-45 port for Ethernet cable.


If this is the case then let’s take a look at the advantages of Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop then let’s see if there are any disadvantages in this laptop.


  • USB :- You can’t add more external devices because the laptop has less USB ports
  • VGA Port:- Laptops do not have a VGA port so you cannot connect external multimedia devices like DVD players

Final Result:- 

    Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Dell Vostro 3491 14-inch laptop. If you are the first, our result says that it is right to buy this laptop because in this laptop you get a lot at a low price and a lot of plus points of the laptop but on the front.